Dear Abby: Age an issue for senior girl dating sophomore boy

So I’m a guy and I’m a senior and there’s this sophomore girl who has a crush on me, but I don’t know what to make of it because she’s a sophomore and I’m a senior. I always catch her flirting with me and all I do is just play around with it. AND, I’m friends with her older brother who’s in my grade. So I’m really kinda stuck here haha. If yes: Once upon a time I was a sophomore girl and I had a crush on my older brother’s friend who was a senior. We’re getting married. Talk to her brother maybe say something about her flirting or say hey your sister is kinda cute and just see what he says. I mean if you really care about your appearance and how other people look at you being with her then you shouldn’t be with her. It’s basically you just feeling bad for her.

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Is it ok for a high school senior to date a sophomore?

So well pretty much im grounded right now and I had this on my mind so I wanted to ask you guys. Theres this senior girl that i like and i think she likes me a tad bit. Im 15 shes My maturity level is high for a guy that is But it is okay for a 15 year old guy to date an 18 year old girl?

Can a high school junior girl and a sophomore boy date? Why do people Yahoo Answers. Senior guy dating senior girl actually dates an underclassmen​.

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OK well i’m home schooled right now,but i’m going to go Back to school next year. I’ll be in 10th grade. The guy i like will be in 12th. I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you. Have fun and enjoy your youth.

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View Results. Sign up to 4 years older girls typically don’t date to. Just effective, i would you have been in kindergarten, but i know. Probably a sophomore boy and neither.

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So there is a guy and hes a senior and im a sophomore i like him and I know as a freshmen its weird to date a senior but now im a sophomore is it still weird another thing im worried about is he leaves school in 5 months because he has all of his credits so he gets out early and would it be dumb to date him also i have no classes with him i only have him in my lunch.

There is nothing against dating a senior! Age should change nothing about whether you and a guy can date! Right now I have a friend who is a sophomore who is dating someone who graduated our highschool last year, who is now in college and he just came home to visit her last night. And there is nothing weird about it, they are dating because the really feel like they are each others “other half” and they make each other happy.

How many years you have been alive doesn’t change whether or not you can date someone! I know a lot of sophmores who are dating seniors and it really is no big deal. I mean for people who are mature age really doesn’t matter when it comes to dating! There is nothing wrong with dating and having fun in high school. The problem is, what if you fall in love with this guy? You are young and whether it’s real love or not, it will feel like it. Trust me on this one!!

Since he is older and you two don’t see each other in school very much can I ask how well you really know him.